Women Connecting Women

A little about us…

As a subcommittee of Gladstone Multicultural Association Incorporated; Women Connecting Women has been holding networking sessions for well over 10 years!

In 2018, we hope to continue to hold our “Let’s Connect” networking sessions on a monthly basis – and in keeping with our “Support local” initiative; we hope to hold them at different locations across our wonderful community.

The purpose, as always will be, to support our Women 9-5’ers, business/franchise owners, stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs (and hopefuls too) AND  anyone who supports everything a woman stands for.

We welcome you to all of our events and hope to see you there.

Let’s be brave, Let’s be strong, and Let’s be kind.

Jessica & her Super-heroes Team.

Women Connecting Women will be holding the “Let’s Connect” evenings across  Gladstone, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.

Upcoming “Let’s Connect” networking evenings:

No Events on The List at This Time

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